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The sequel to the actor agent simulator game ACTOR TYCOON 2 lets you create your own talent agency and leave your footprint in show business. Gain recognition within the film industry, manage your actors and connections, mingle with celebrities, arrange auditions and win prestigious awards.

Join the world of Hollywood glamour and build your actor agency from the ground up!

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The game is in beta but is stable and playable. We invite you to join our Beta community on Discord where you can be a part of public testing. We encourage you to report bugs and share your feedback to improve the gameplay. We'll  be sharing updates in our devlog and on Discord.

By participating, you get to improve the game and its features, as well as get a chance to be featured in the credits by actively participating in testing.


CREATE YOUR OWN AGENCY. Choose a city to establish your actor agency, customize your character and embark on a journey of fame and success in show business. Start with a small agency with a handful of amateur actors and become a renowned celebrity agent.

EXPAND YOUR AGENCY by improving your agent skills, hiring famous actors, befriending successful directors and contacting major studios.

TURN AN UNKNOWN ACTOR INTO A STAR. Hire young aspiring actors, book them for gigs and arrange auditions. Build and maintain your relationships with actors by keeping them happy. Grow your actors’ fan base and watch them win awards and recognition.

WORK IN FILM, TV OR THEATER for a unique playing experience. Each industry offers different salaries, contract lengths, fan base and genre specialization.

CHOOSE GENRE. Each genre pays differently and takes into consideration actors’ looks and talent differently. If an actor likes the genre it also provides additional professional satisfaction.

NEGOTIATE COMMISSIONS and contract lengths. Get better conditions by learning new skills, building better relationships and gaining a good reputation.

ATTEND EXCLUSIVE EVENTS AND PARTIES. Interact with actors, famous directors and studios, mingle with celebrities, grow your network, recruit new actors, find out about new projects and auditions.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with actors, directors and studios by talking to them during events, supporting their projects.

KEEP YOUR ACTORS AWAY FROM TROUBLE and manage their reputation, get them out of tricky situations - dispel rumors, improve public image, participate in promotions and social events. 

IMPRESS DIRECTORS with your trivia knowledge to increase your relationships with them.

Experience running your own celebrity actor agency, make movies and win prestigious awards.Download and play ACTOR TYCOON 2 today!


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